Horse hair bracelets are made from your own horses hair, I currently offer 3 different types of braids,

a simple 4 strand rope braid, a 6 strand braid which has a natural curve, and an 8 strand box braid.

All the braids require the same amount of hair 

** The more complicated the braid the more expensive









Horse hair Bracelets

As all items are bespoke please ensure you measure the wrist of the person the bracelet is for and add 1" to this measurement for suitable sizing This will be the length of the bracelet including the fittings. 

Fittings can be either sterling silver or stainless steel and I use the lobster type clasps as shown.

* Please note, only the Sterling silver bracelets are soldered 

Bracelets are around 5-6 mm in diameter and come supplied in a velvet gift pouch.

The hair needs to be a minimum of 14" and the hair needs to be around the thickness of 2-3 pencils for the entire length.

I can braid the hair of two or more horses together which can give a nice effect if the tails are different colours.

Collecting the hair: if your horse is still with you, then please read this guide on collecting the hair

as it will save taking the shorter unusable hair which is best left on the horse.

Unused hair will only be returned on request.


I can add sterling silver engraved tags to the bracelet

either oval ( 9mm x 13mm) or heart shaped. ( 9mm x 10mm)

  these cost £12 extra

Click here to order

Prices include postage within the UK. Europe £7 Rest of the World please add £10

Two and Three section bracelets

2 and 3 section bracelets are ideal if your hair is not long enough to make a single strand braid. Or if you have hair from various horses

Please contact me for details as I will advise on the best option for the hair you have


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