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Inkless Contact -  Obtaining your Babys foot print or Pets paw print is mess-free and a easy way to create a long lasting memory


Just press your baby's hand/foot or your pets paw onto the ink pad to transfer a detailed print.


Your baby's skin or pets paw will never touch the ink.


The pads dimensions: 9.5 x 5.7cm - 3.73 x 2.24 inch  So suitable for a new born or the small paw only
Package Contents
1 x  ink pad ( 1 ink pad + 2 papers)


How I used it.....


Open the pack and turn the pad over, it does have ink on one side, and this is the side to go next to the paper.


I placed the paper and pad on a hard object ( a book or hard floor, I used a clip board )

For my dog I lifted both front legs and then placed one paw on the pad while holding the other up, this was so her weight pressed onto the paper, then I carefully lifted her paws up off the paper...


For a baby, so I cant help, but its probably best to get a print while the little one is sleeping.


*I would practice without the ink first


Once you have your print, please take a photo and either email

or text/whatsapp it to me - 07767700060  I will then convert it into a reverse black/white image to engrave


As you can see on Honeys print Ive removed any unwanted claw marks. 


I did mange to get 3 prints from one ink pad


Good luck






Hand / Paw Print Kit

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