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Questions & Answers
Here are a few answers to to some of the questions I am regularly asked, but if your question is not answered please get in touch

Q. How much horse hair do I need for a bracelet?

 A:  As a rough guide you will need enough hair to wrap round you wrist twice and for it to be the thickness of 2 pencils for this entire length

Q. Can you use the hair of more than one horse together?

  A: Yes of course, I can use the hair of many horses in one bracelet or keyring

Q. Do you wash the hair?

  A: Yes I wash all the horse hair, but I do not wash pet or human hair 


Q. How much pet/human hair do you need for your items?

  A: I have made items using just a single strand of hair, but around enough to fill a teaspoon

Q. How much ashes will you need

  A: A teaspoon of ashes tends to be enough for most items 

Q. Do you return unused hair, fur, ashes etc?

  A: Yes I will return unused hair/fur. ashes unless requested not to

Q. Do you ship overseas?

  A: Yes I ship worldwide but please be aware you will need to pay customs duty upon arrival in your country

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

  A: Turnaround time is 10-14 working days from when I receive your hair/fur or ashes, if you need your item sooner please ask and I will try to accommodate 

Q. Do you only work with horse or dog fur and human hair?

  A: I will work with any type of pets fur, I've made items with sheep wool, cow hair, rat fur, rabbit fur, cat fur, hedgehog quills, feathers, goat hair, deer hair, llama wool, pig hair and many types of ashes. 

Q. Can I drop my ashes or fur off as I'm worried about it getting lost in the post?

  A: Yes you are welcome to drop it off, but please contact me first to arrange a time that suits us both 

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