Key-rings & Tassels

Horse Hair

I make a variety of key-rings from your horses hair to suit most budgets.

The tassel key-rings can be made from mane or tail hair.

The braided key-rings can only be made from tail hair

Human hair, Pet fur, Horse hair or cremation ashes

Any type of fur/hair or ashes can be encapsulated in resin

perfect for if you only have a small amount

Braided Plain Horse Hair Key-ring


Braided horse hair key-ring with cuff


Braided Horse Hair Key-ring with Bead


Medium Horse Hair Tassel Key-ring


Large Horse Hair Tassel with Beads


Large Dreamcatcher Horse Hair Tassel


Solid Resin Drop Key-ring with Fur, Hair or Ashes


Keepsake Locket Key-ring with Resin Hearts


Vial, Urn Key-ring for Hair, Fur or Ashes


Keepsake Locket Key-ring with a Horse Hair Braid

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