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Wooden keyring with your pets paw print.

The print will be on one side and I can put a small message or name on the reverse.


I  can fit upto 2 paw prints on one side of the keyring


Side one: Your pets paw print in colour and name 

Side two:  I can add your pets name, or a short quote, this will not be in colour


The wood is debossed with your image using a laser and it is then hand filled with a colour of your choice from the colour chart, the keyring is then sanded smooth and lacquered for protection.


All I need is a photo of your paw print


Paw prints: You can take a photo of the bottom of your dogs paw and I can edit this or use an inkfree kit and send a photo of the image


Dog/cat nose print: Using an inkless kit is best


The inkless pad measures 9.5cm x 5.7cm so only suitable for small hands and paws


Ordering: If ordering an inkless kit, I will send this to you to make the print, which you can then photograph and email to me with your order number


Without a print kit, please order then email the photo of the print with your order number


** Furry paws, please clip the hair from the paws before making the print as this shows the pads better, I do edit the image removing nail and fur marks as in the examples shown,

Wooden Paw Print Keyring

PriceFrom £25.00
  • Please email photos to along with your order number

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