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How to collect your horses tail hair

If your horse is still with you, please use the following steps to collect the tail hair for your jewellery. I cannot use the shorter hair for bracelets or key-rings, so this hair is best left on the horse to grow longer.

My model for the photos is Harley my own horse


1. Give the tail a good brush to remove all knots and tangles. 2. Find the section with the longest hairs within the tail. 3. Hold onto these long strands and give it a good shake to help shake out some of the short hairs. 4. Holding firmly onto the ends, gently brush the tail from the ends to the dock,  this will brush all the shorter unusable hairs away from where you will cut

5, As you can see I am holding the long strand, and all the shorter ones are pushed to the dock. 6. Now cut the long strands near the dock and secure with a plaiting band. Repeat until you have enough hair for your chosen item. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE HAIR LOOSE. Please note I have only cut a small sample from my horse Harley, much more may be needed depending on your chosen item. Please read the description page for your chosen item for details on how much hair is needed.

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