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Handcrafted jewellery and keepsakes created from your pets fur,

a horses mane or tail hair, cat whiskers or even with a lock of hair from a loved one, or cremation ashes

Please note I will not be making orders up during the 18th - 24th January as I shall be doing my tax returns. Orders can still be made and shall be completed after this date.

My studio will be open during the lock-down as I work alone. Post office visits will be limited to twice a week

6 strand horse hair bracelet keepsake je
bead resin pet fur keepsake pandora toll
horse tail hair sterling silver heart pendant
paw print resin paperweight dog cat fur

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Being an animal lover and owner myself

I know how important our furry friends are to us, having a keepsake made from their fur, hair or ashes can be a wonderful reminder of them and can give comfort knowing they are with us at all times, whether they are still alive or if they have passed away.


Hair can be braided on request. For example, in the case of horse tail hair this can be braided and made into a bracelet or Key-ring.

Horse, Dog and cat and other pet fur can be encapsulated in a resin bead, pendant

or it can be placed in a memory locket.

For prices of my keepsakes please

visit the individual pages or

visit my 'shop' page.

For more details and photos of the bespoke items I make please take a look through my website by using the links in the menu

Gift Vouchers available

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me 'Jennifer Deakin' 

on 07767700060


Facebook profile link 'Jennifer Deakin' 

I am based in Nottingham UK, but I am happy to ship Worldwide.

Keepsake keyring pet fur hair ashes
Horse hir seling silverring keepsake jewellery
horse hair keepsake jewellery horse dog
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