Beads are ideal for any type of fur and hair, even if you only have a small amount.


There are two types of heart beads:

The plain sided heart is made from a metal alloy and measures 8mm x 14mm with a 4.5mm hole


The heart with the hearts cut out the sides is Sterling silver, and measures 1.1mm x 1.1mm and has a 4.5mm hole.


Both hearts have one side which is filled with resin and your fur/hair or ashes, the base can be any colour, the opposite side is plain



I can encapsulate the fur from any pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, horses and even human hair, from a loved one that's passed away or a baby's first lock.


​Cremation ashes, feathers, shed snake skin or scales can all be encapsulated in the resin ​


*Please note white hair/fur and feathers do not show very well due to it turning transparent in the resin, this is more noticeable with horse hair, though I do pick out the most opaque hairs as these show up more


Beads can be made with 1 single strand of fur/hair upwards. But please send what you have and I can return any unused hair

Cremation ashes, please send around 2-3 tablespoons of ashes, again any unused ashes can be returned

Free postage within the UK - Europe £7 - Rest of the World £10


Beads come presented in a gift box





Heart Beads containing horse hair, pet fur or cremation ashe

Metal type
  •  I aim to have your beads made and posted to you within 10 working days from receiving your hair, fur or ashes, but should you need it sooner then please let me know and I will do my best to help

    Click here for details how to post your hair to me

  • Free postage within the UK - Europe £7 - Rest of the World £10

    Postage is set to the same flat rate for one or more items

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